Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello All! These past two weeks have been the weeks of workshops. The workshops were just fabulous! I took a resin workshop at the MICA jewelry studio which was fantastic, it gave me many ideas about how to incorporate resin into jewelry. I made some great sample pieces which I will soon be posting pictures of. I think it is going to be something great to explore in my work! I also took Soledad's workshop for a week that was all about prints. I made a few of these prints in the workshop. The newest one from the workshop is the one bottom right. I really think this one is successful, I loved breaking out if the rectangular format. Then I did a workshop this past weekend, to further my knowledge if encaustic print making. This workshop was great I learned alot about alternative materials I could use in encaustic. I loved the workshops and cant wait to get making new pieces utilizing the techniques I learned.
On another note I am also involved in a show in Tucson. The very first image on the left is a piece that is at the show. This whole collection at the show are drawings and prints on photographs that I have manipulated. These pieces are also a new way of working for me. I really enjoyed blending the drawing into the photograph. The show should be great many other fabulous artists will be participating. So if your in Tucson stop in and take a look!
The prints I posted are a mix of old and new prints from various workshops and shows. They are so fun and I love making them.
Check back soon to see more images of new works!!!